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Understanding Blackness Abroad — How To Shift From Struggle to Joy

Before moving to Spain, blackness wasn't something that was internalized in the same way as it might be abroad. We all yearn to leave the US for a number of reasons but some weigh heavy more than others. This long-term expat in Spain shares her story, inspiration and meaningful tips on how to understand your blackness abroad and learn to thrive. 

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5 Things I’ve learned about the U.S. since I’ve left the U.S.

I’ve learned a great deal since I made the decision to move abroad. I’ve learned that Google maps is no match for cities older than the U.S. I’ve learned that the ten years I spent navigating the NYC subway system equipped me with the ability to decipher virtually any subway system in the world; and most recently, during a meal in Portugal that left me nothing short of breathless, I learned that Anthony Bourdain is always right.

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