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The Best Of The Summer: La Mar De Músicas 2017

As summer comes to a close, it’s always an opportunity to think about the long days and longer nights that we have during the hot months of Spain. Everyone has summer traditions, where each year they find themselves marking something on their calendar that they know they need to attend. For us here at LMDES, that summer tradition is La Mar de Musicas in Cartagena, Spain. If you’ve been keeping up this summer, you know we’ve shared all the summer festivals in Spain that are a must-see but this year was different than any other. 

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When Cultures Come Together: Why La Mar De Músicas is A Must!

For the past 22 years, people have been coming together from all over the world to celebrate culture in Cartagena, Spain every July. This year is no different. Here at LMDES, we're big fans of La Mar de Músicas because it's the perfect opportunity to disconnect, meet new people and truly embrace art from all over the world.

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