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What is Intersectionality? (And Why Should You Care?)

Intersectionality. We’ve all heard the heard the term. In the most recent years, we’ve seen it plastered all over socially conscious forums, hashtagged in social media posts, shouted from the titles of feminist blog posts, celebrated, vilified, proclaimed proudly, and mired in controversy and confusion by we the people of the interwebs, ad nauseam. But what is intersectionality, exactly, and more importantly, why is it important?

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Lesbinomadic Shares: Top Travel Destinations for Queer Couples

The popularity of blogging and social media gave way to the diversification of the narrative of the travel industry, highlighting the experiences of those who live at the intersection of various identities. For Stephanie and Taylor, the ladies behind the popular Instagram Lesbinomadic, the mission was to inspire and empower queer women of color travelers around the world through visibility and representation.

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