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Dig In With Much Bites: A Menu del Día Thats Worth It

La Colonial de Huertas is a Cuban joint with a mix of vibrant heat, super fresh ingredients and a pure, unadulterated passion for the art of filling a plate. This place offers a home-grown, no frills experience with Pura the chef at the heart of all the yummy food. It's impressive six day a week menu includes Cuban favorites such as Arroz a la Cubana, Cuban-style spaghetti with a meat packed sauce and green olives amongst other things called picadillo and the house specialty, Ropa Vieja – a shredded beef stew in a delicious tomato sauce; oh so tender and oh so flavorful.

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Dig In With Much Bites: Takos Al Pastor

Adult that I am, believe you me that I had never eaten tacos until last September in New York. As I ate this flavorful piece of corn flour tortilla and meat relish, I found the flavor explosion just WOW!! As recommended, I squeezed some lime and added the accompanying chilli sauce. As I took the second bite, I could only ask myself, "Why on this green earth had you never eaten this before?" Sadly, my friends forbade me from eating more tacos because we were on a food crawl around New York, and to fully enjoy it, I had to eat tiny amounts at every stop.

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