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#Vibratehigher: How to Create a Life You Truly Love

In a world of #goals, #relationshipgoals & #squadgoals we're constantly bombarded by images, ideas and concepts that aren't our own, but for some reason we should aspire to obtain. We give love with the double tap of an index finger, offer free marketing to insta-celebs and actors with the click of the "share" button, and sit back swooning over "what could be". When was the last you asked yourself not only "what do I want" but also, "how do I plan on getting it?" 

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Why Solo Travel Will Make You Fall In Love With Yourself (Even More)

Solo travel can often teach you so many things about both yourself and how you interact with the world around you. More importantly, it can remind you that there is so much more to your complex beautiful self than what meets the eye. When you give yourself an opportunity to be authentically you, it comes with the realization that deep within, there’s greatness.

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How to Date a Girl Who Loves to Travel

I bless the hearts of the men who try to keep up with the fast-paced, ever-changing souls of female wanderlusters. The quick wit, impulsive nature, and ever-evolving idea of what these women’s lives should look like, make them some of the most complex creatures to ruin, and yet grace the dating scene. Most female solo travelers have their priorities defaulted to traveling first and dating second. In fact, I’d argue that eating comes second because, diamonds carbs are a girl’s best friend. They thrive in new environments, which may or may not include you, but in the chance it does, here are some tips to help ease the roller-coaster ride of the adventure dating a girl who loves to travel is bound to be.

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