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Why Knowing Your Love Language Will Improve Your Relationship

You've probably heard the tern "love language" thrown around for the past few years. The 5 Love Languages refers to a book written by Dr. Gary Chapman that has sold over 11 million copies. That's probably why you've heard about it at least once. These 5 languages refer to how you show or express love to your partner (and also in platonic relationships). They include: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. It's true that one person can have more than one language, but the key is finding the most dominant one. 

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You Need to Cut It: How to Know When a Relationship Has Run Its Course

One of the hardest truths in life is accepting that not every relationship-- whether it be platonic, familiar or romantic-- is meant to last forever. It's painful and disappointing because we invest time, effort, money and energy into making and building relationships. We allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open our minds and hearts to people that we feel deserve a space in our lives. With family, it's a bit different as that element of choice is not present; however, with friends and partners, when said relationships end, we feel a sense of burden and a twinge of guilt as if we'd chosen the wrong person, or somehow it's our fault. 

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How to Volunteer in Spain: Vaughan Town

Vaughan Town reminded me how sweet it is when the cacophony of rampant communication stops. Sitting across from someone, each of you trying one’s best to be understood breeds a strong sort of realness. There was unabashed fun when people performed in the evening skits. There was brave vulnerability when the Spaniards presented their English language speeches. There was adolescent joy exhibited at our celebratory dance party.  I don’t think this openness would be possible if we were all obsessing about Facebook updates. 

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