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5 Must-Sees in Tenerife, Spain for the Non-Touristy Tourist

Tenerife is the largest of Spain's Canary Islands and this year it was included in The Telegraph's Top 10 Summer Holiday Islands in Europe. Due to its geographical position, the island has sunshine and a mild, warm climate all year round. Of the 5 million or so visitors this beautiful island gets each year, most head to the South where they are almost guaranteed sun, sea and sangria. However, there is so much more to Tenerife than the touristic South.

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Traveling in the Age of Social Media: Stay Mindful No Matter Where You Go

In the age of social media when we're all so apt to "do it for the gram" how do we keep in mind historical context and respect when visiting sites like the Berlin Wall or concentration camps?

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How To Have Meaningful Experiences Abroad: The Secrets of Slow Travel

The preparation phase of a trip is possibly one of my favorite parts of traveling. The anticipation of exploring a new place and embracing a new culture is a rejuvenating feeling. More than anything, it's an amazing feeling when you know that your journey will be in one place.

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