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5 Must-Sees in Tenerife, Spain for the Non-Touristy Tourist

Tenerife is the largest of Spain's Canary Islands and this year it was included in The Telegraph's Top 10 Summer Holiday Islands in Europe. Due to its geographical position, the island has sunshine and a mild, warm climate all year round. Of the 5 million or so visitors this beautiful island gets each year, most head to the South where they are almost guaranteed sun, sea and sangria. However, there is so much more to Tenerife than the touristic South.

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6 Ways to Start Traveling BEFORE Leaving Home

 Quite simply, my travel life is a life of choices that began long before I ever bought my first plane ticket for a trip abroad.  Below are 6 ways I began my travel life before stepping one foot out of the U.S. Maybe these can give you both perspective and inspiration for creating the ‘how’ of your travel life...

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