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How Moving To Europe Can Help You Finally Get Fit

When getting ready to move to Europe, the thought of weight gain (or weight loss) is probably one of the first things that come to mind, and with good reason. The endless accessibility to fresh bread and high quality yet affordable wine is tempting on so many levels. I’ll start by saying this, while living in Spain I’ve been the heaviest weight I’ve ever been in my life, as well as the healthiest. Hear me out...

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5 Yoga Festivals In Spain You Don't Want to Miss

Spain is well known for having beautiful festivals across the country. Although you might not know about the growing amount of festivals that are catered to celebrating the yogi lifestyle. With yoga increasing in popularity, these festivals are one of my favourite reasons for travelling around Spain. As a yoga teacher, this has also given me more opportunities to meet other teachers and students too. We're here to share 5 of the best yoga festivals in the country! 

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5 Things to Do When Living Abroad: Expat Checklist

Oh the joys of ex-pat living! Many people tend to romanticize international living. They imagine white sandy beaches, private jets, jungle safaris and of course, a weekend rendezvous to Venice and Marseilles. No shade, the South of France is bae; however, that doesn't mean that fellow longterm ex-pats, nomads and wanderers don't also have to deal with the everyday happenings that may seem boring or just plain bothersome. 

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