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Slow Living in Spain: 4 Things I've Learned

There I was walking barefoot along the beautiful coast of Bolonia, enjoying  an empty beach with views of Africa in the distance, and all I could think about was the fact that I hadn’t gone on my run for the day. When I expressed this regret to my Spanish boyfriend, he reminded me, once again, that the purpose of a vacation is not to be productive, and to be present is essential.

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24 Small Things You Can do Today That Will Have a Big Effect on Your Mood

Life happens. This we know. At times it seems like we're simply trying to keep our heads above water with the doggy paddle we semi-learned as children. We fall into routines, habits, and cycles that in the larger scheme of things may not be the best. When we start living life on auto-pilot, and push spontaneity, wonder and creativity to the backseat we run the risk of falling into a dark, monotonous, and boring hole. If you've been feeling a bit "blah" lately, this article is for you. 

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#Vibratehigher: How to Create a Life You Truly Love

In a world of #goals, #relationshipgoals & #squadgoals we're constantly bombarded by images, ideas and concepts that aren't our own, but for some reason we should aspire to obtain. We give love with the double tap of an index finger, offer free marketing to insta-celebs and actors with the click of the "share" button, and sit back swooning over "what could be". When was the last you asked yourself not only "what do I want" but also, "how do I plan on getting it?" 

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