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7 Resources for Learning European Spanish

For those of us from the United States our first foray into foreign languages tends to be a high school Spanish class. As high school students we may or may not think to hard about “the type” of Spanish we are learning. It’s all the same, right? Well, sort of. Spanish grammar is pretty much the same anywhere, but just like the differences between British and American English, the accent is different and some words are just more common to say in Spain vs. Latin America.

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Top 10 Spanish Films Every English Speaker Should Watch

There are several different ways to practice Spanish: talking to native speakers, reading the news in Spanish, changing your language preference on your social media accounts, signing up for classes, or just plain old immersion. If a trip to Spain or Latin America is not in your foreseeable future, don’t fret.

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Want to learn Spanish? 4 Ways to Get Over Your Fear Of Speaking

How the hell do you say ‘to shower’ again? I thought as our house father showed us around the house. We’d just got in after a long 7 hour flight from Philly and a seemingly even longer trek up three flights of stairs with two ginormous suitcases. I felt so yucky. All I wanted was cleanliness and rest. I think it’s ‘lucha.’ Yeah. That sounds about right.

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