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What's it like working remotely? 3 WOC Influencers Share their Tips on Remote Work

Are you interested in remote work? Have you ever wanted to receive tips and tricks from other WOC who are in the remote work field? LMDES Sat down with Rachel of Rachel Travels, Lené of the Glow Up Podcast and Andrea Valeria of OD travel to get the scoop on working and living abroad!

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Remote Work in Spain, Exclusive Interview with Business Analyst Christine

“Go slow! You’ll get farther, faster, healthier and happier!” Ever wonder what it’s like working remotely in Spain? Want to try remote work? Meet Christine, a business analyst from Atlanta and based in Barcelona! Hear all she has to say about working remotely in Spain!

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Find Remote Work Abroad: 10 Sites to Bookmark

As the world becomes more digitalized, employment has become more flexible in certain fields. The digital nomad movement has become a huge trending topic on social media, and it is still growing. A digital nomad is someone to earns money 100% via internet, which allows them live and work anywhere in the world (given that they have reliable wifi connection). These remote based jobs are either online businesses, freelancing/independent contract jobs, or a remote position for a company. This new style of living and working has gained attention from many major business and media outlets such as CNBCand Forbes.

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