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Black and Abroad: How to Celebrate Black History Month No Matter Where You Live

When moving abroad, you know you must accept the differences that come with your new country. After all, you came prepared to leave your customs behind and learn new ones, right? Embracing differences, opening your mind, broadening your horizons... all of that. Great. BUT: what can you do when the holiday that exists to celebrate who you are, is nowhere to be found in your host country?Here are a few ways to keep on keeping on during Black History Month abroad.

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Understanding Blackness Abroad — How To Shift From Struggle to Joy

Before moving to Spain, blackness wasn't something that was internalized in the same way as it might be abroad. We all yearn to leave the US for a number of reasons but some weigh heavy more than others. This long-term expat in Spain shares her story, inspiration and meaningful tips on how to understand your blackness abroad and learn to thrive. 

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