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10 Reasons to Raise a Family in Spain

Despite the normal stress of everyday occurrences, my saving grace is my family, and Spain couldn’t be a better place to raise one!  From the amazing weather to great family activities, this list serves to prove that while my daily grind is indeed just as shitty as yours, I don’t mind it because raising a family in Spain rocks! If you're considering moving your family abroad, keep reading! 

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Guess Who's Coming To Dinner: How To Survive Your Parents' Visit Abroad

So, your folks are coming to visit! It's an exciting time! Depending on the relationship that you have with your parents, this news can cause several different reactions ranging from "Yay!" to "Oh! Crap! For real?" You may also ask yourself: What are we going to do? Maybe you've planned trips for yourself, or friends; however, planning a trip for a parent is a completely different thing! Here's how to make the most of their visit.

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