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Travel Break: The Best Luxury Hotels in Berlin

When we’re on vacation, it's always great to stay with friends, or to use AirBnb—but sometimes there’s a restful feeling that only comes with an amazing hotel experience. Whether for just one night or for one week, it can make your trip that much more memorable. We recently journeyed out to beautiful Berlin, Germany and explored some of the best hotels the city has to offer.

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Mola Mucho (Barcelona) : Chic and Basic Born Hotel

The LMDES Mola Mucho series was created to bring you the best of Spain. To share authentic experiences and hidden gems, from delicious restaurants to art exhibits. When it comes to where you should stay, we recommend economic yet boutique places. Somewhere that feels like home but with a chic vibe. Whether you're visiting Barcelona for the first time or treating yourself to a much-needed staycation, Chic and Basic Born Hotel will make it an unforgettable experience. 

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