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6 Essential Lessons Every Traveler Will Learn On The Road

With great journeys come great life lessons. I’ve made the world my playground and my wanderlust has become my Northern Star. Traveling has gifted me with some of the most important life lessons I’ve ever learned—lessons I could never have learned in a classroom. I’m now able to view cultures from the inside out with an unbiased lens rather than the outside looking in. Today, I’d like to share 6 of these life lessons with you. 

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10 Types of Travelers You're Bound to Meet When You Jetset the World

Travelers come in different shapes and sizes. We travel for very different reasons to entirely different parts of the world. But if you travel enough, you’ll realize there are a few categories that most travelers fit into, at least in part. Here’s my take on some of the types of travelers you’ll meet while you’re out experiencing the world.

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Travel versus Marriage: Don't Get Married Before You Travel The World

I’ve never gotten cold sweats in the middle of the night. I don’t wake up screaming or clutching my sheets. I forget my dreams seconds after I wake up — but at this junction in my life, the new house and white picket fence dream is an absolute nightmare to me, here’s why.

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