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Meet La Morena: Be Inspired with Nikki Ndukwe

Nikki has been a part of the LMDES movement long before her move to Galicia, Spain last fall. As an inspiring creative, we love keeping up with her everyday adventures and travels via social media. We got to sit down to hear more about her love affair with Spain, how she's been received by locals and why she recommends reaching out to others before taking the leap abroad! 

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48 Hours in Ourense — Where to Go While In Galicia

For most people, Spain evokes thoughts of vibrant colors, flamenco and warm weather. So when I found out that I was moving to Galicia I was, admittedly, not so thrilled. But after a brief moment of doubt and panic, I realized that an adventure in a part of Spain that I’d never been to was exactly what I needed. If you have the privilege of traveling through Galicia, Ourense should be on your list of places to see.

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