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To Be Black, a Woman, and a Fulbright Scholar

We all assume that living abroad challenges you on a physical level, since you are moving yourself to a new country, but the mental challenges are often forgotten. Aside from the expected such as language barriers or apartment searching, any identities you have in your home country can clash at any moment whether it’s gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. Sometimes you’ll be yearning for that siesta! For me, navigating spaces as a black woman and an American were second-nature. To add “Fulbright English Teaching Assistant” and “U.S Cultural Ambassador” was challenging when interacting with Spaniards and Americans alike.

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Meet La Morena: Kia Johnson

Kia Johnson, Minnesota native, has made it her mission to explore the world and soak up new experiences on not just one, but several different continents. She's a fitness enthusiast and lover of all things travel related. After venturing to Spain to improve her Spanish, she accepted a coveted Fulbright Fellowship in Lima, Peru where she currently resides. Check out our exclusive interview with Kia as she tells us a bit about her adventures, hobbies and how she makes time to travel and pursue her passions for language and fitness.

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