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The Best Tapas Experience In Granada

Granada is infamous for its tapas culture. During our Granada retreat, we decided to take the experience one step further by going on an exclusive tour with Food Lover Tour Granada and by the end of the experience, it was about more than just tapas, but instead a fully immersive cultural and historical experience. 

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Expat Spotlight: Lauren of Spanish Sabores and Devour Spain

Lauren of Spanish Sabores and Devour Spain is an expat that we truly admire. Since her move to Spain, she's started a successful company and also runs a noteworthy blog on Spanish cuisine. Her desire to support local business and create a life surrounding what she truly loves is inspiring beyond measure. We had the honor to chat with Lauren about how to successfully start a company in Spain, her favorite part of the food culture and why you shouldn't settle for a job you don't like. 

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