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9 Restaurantes Monos en Madrid Para Salir con tus Amigas

As we all know, Madrid is a city that's constantly changing and at times it's difficult to stay up-to-date with every new opening and "hot spot" in the city. We're going to share with you a few of our favorite spots in Madrid to go out with our girl friends... where we eat too much, drink till we can't drink any more, and take way too many IG photos. 

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Summer Series: In The Kitchen with LMDES // Zesty Chicken Tacos and Goat Cheese Salad

For the second installment of our In The Kitchen with LMDES series, we're bringing you something a bit more savory for those summer nights with friends! The awesome thing about tacos is that they are usually relatively easy to make, and you have full creative freedom on what you want to put in them. You can enjoy a piece of home right here in Spain and invite over your Spanish friends for an afternoon with tacos and margaritas or sangria. Whether you’re looking for a quick, fresh lunch or you’re having friends over for lunch, this meal is easy, light and quick!

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Fam In Town? Where to Head For the Best Meals in Madrid

I’ve been asked a few times about my mum’s in town picks, so here I have them. These places not only provide great food, but also give the chance to catch a unique glimpse into what Spanish gastronomy is becoming. Here's where to take Mom when she's in town! 

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