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Defying Gravity: Unconventional Self-Care

Moving abroad already requires a certain level of gravitas, but thriving abroad is wherein lies the true tests of heart: The decision to push past your comfort-zone, or retreat to the familiar; to unabashedly stumble through Spanish or to fall back on your eloquent English; to go forth and explore everything that there is to be found, or to withdraw into yourself so as not to encounter unexpected challenges. All of these decisions can rest on a razor’s edge of the fear-courage continuum, a relationship in which we all must engage, but one that is more acutely experienced in the daily life of an expatriate.

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How to Use Time Management to Combat Homesickness

Homesickness is nothing to be ashamed of. It doesn’t mean that you don’t like where you are, nor does it mean that you want to leave. It means that you’re trying to find your place in a new environment and are being pulled by both the old and the new. It’s normal and it comes and goes. It’s important to recognize it for what it is and be proactive. Here's how to use time management to combat homesickness. 

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