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A Flawless Guide on How To "Feria" in Spain

The two best seasons to be in Spain are undoubtedly Spring and Fall. Feria is a week-long event celebrated at a different time of year for each city and town, primarily in the South of Spain. Most of these fairs are typically celebrated during the spring or fall, but there are some in the summer. here’s a quick guide that covers some of the more unique traditional aspects to get you in the spirit!

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Expat Spotlight: Cat Gaa of Sunshine + Siestas and Como Consulting

When you think of long term Spain expats, Cat Gaa is one of the first that comes to mind. Having lived here for almost eight years, started a blog and a business as well as getting married in a few weeks... it seems like she's done it all! Well we got to chat with her about her time in Spain, the brands she runs and advice she has for those looking to move abroad long term. 

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