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These Are My Confessions: I’m the Girl Who Never Quits, and I Quit my Job in Spain

I quit. I did it. Life went on. Choose your sanity and your health and your happiness. Value yourself and know your worth. And don’t stay in a place where you don’t feel like your best self... Don’t run at the drop of a dime, or scoff at hard work, but know your limits and stick to them.

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Wanderlust Wednesday: Exclusive Interview with Nastasia of Dame Traveler

Captivated by this entrepreneur's ambition to inspire women to “travel more, experience more and be more,” Nastasia’s wanderlust and passion to showcase women experiencing endless possibilities through travel is displayed in Dame Traveler. Paralleling to the LMDES mission of representation and empowerment of women, learn more about this extraordinary soul in our exclusive interview.

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