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Mola Mucho: Modern Fusion with Nanai Restaurante y Espacio Cultural

Nanai is so much more than a restaurant: it’s a cultural center complete with a fabulous dining experience. The decor is fresh, and fun, and the layout is open. This is the type of restaurant where you can enjoy your meal, without having to listen to the conversation of the person at the next table over. These types of comfortable, and an intimate dining experiences are far too infrequent in European city centers.

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Anxiously Awaiting My Move To Spain

Ever since the fifth grade, I have longed to visit Spain.  Maybe it was my long time crush on Enrique Iglesias or the project that I did on Spanish culture in the sixth grade.  Whatever it was, Spain was always on my list of places to experience. When I finally got my chance to travel out of the country during my junior year of college, I thought that spending six weeks in Spain would be a no-brainer but I choose Brazil because of the opportunity to work with and learn about Afro-Brazilian culture.  It proved to be a grand experience that lit my travel fire. 

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