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5 Spanish Food Blogs To Have On Your Radar

Delicious food is important no matter who you are or where you live. Being surrounded by the diversity of Spanish cuisine, we were inspired to put together a list of 5 food blogs that need to be on your radar. Whether you want to up your kitchen game at home or need inspiration on where to go while in Spain to wine and dine, this list is for you! 

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Expat Spotlight: Lauren of Spanish Sabores and Devour Spain

Lauren of Spanish Sabores and Devour Spain is an expat that we truly admire. Since her move to Spain, she's started a successful company and also runs a noteworthy blog on Spanish cuisine. Her desire to support local business and create a life surrounding what she truly loves is inspiring beyond measure. We had the honor to chat with Lauren about how to successfully start a company in Spain, her favorite part of the food culture and why you shouldn't settle for a job you don't like. 

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Event Recap: LMDES Social

Las Morenas de España recently just turned one and we wanted to celebrate. There's something beautiful about bringing an online community together in real life to congregate, meet new friends and catch up with old. The evening brought in women who have been living all over the country for over 10 years, to those who just moved earlier in the week to ladies who were just in town visiting for the weekend but knew that they needed to be in the space. The room was filled with great vibes, meaningful conversation and women slaying in all white. Needless to say, everyone left feeling inspired and a bit more at home. 

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