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Reshaping Representation: 8 IG Accounts Changing The African Narrative

Africa has been a source of inspiration for art and style around the world since the beginning of time, but often times it has only been appreciated in relation to, or through a Western lens. While most of mainstream media and many of the Western world may still think that Africa is overrun with huts and poverty, Africans have been writing their own stories of everyday life. Looking for some inspiration to brighten your Instagram feed? Look no further!

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5 Creative WOC Abroad to Follow On Insta

To no avail, I am a total instagram junkie. I look to the app to find inspiration on everything like travel, style, food and even tips on entrepreneurship. Being both an expat and creative, I love following other ladies who are doing their things over here in Europe. It's important to realize that sometimes life abroad isn't always jet-setting and expensive hotels, but there is beauty in every day happenings as well. Here are five women of color who are killing the game on Instagram (and in real life)! 

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