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5 Creative WOC Abroad to Follow On Insta

To no avail, I am a total instagram junkie. I look to the app to find inspiration on everything like travel, style, food and even tips on entrepreneurship. Being both an expat and creative, I love following other ladies who are doing their things over here in Europe. It's important to realize that sometimes life abroad isn't always jet-setting and expensive hotels, but there is beauty in every day happenings as well. Here are five women of color who are killing the game on Instagram (and in real life)! 

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The Sitting Room: Murcia Taking Creativity to the Next Level

Ya conocemos estos espacios, los lugares donde entras y te llega una sensación de que podrías quedar allí para siempre. Pues, The Sitting Room es eso, pero mucho mejor. Es un sitio donde todo el mundo se siente bienvenido, inspirado y que  están en su casa. Un lugar donde no solo está invitado a sentarse y tener una conversación pero se le anima a llevar a cabo sus sueños.

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Three Cutting Edge Spanish Galleries We Love

We know Spain is on the up and up when it comes to cool and creative spaces, so we wanted to share some of our favorites with you from all over the country. From the mecca of art and design in Madrid to smaller, innovative spaces, here are three of our favorite creative design studios where you can find everything from illustrations to movie screenings to your new favorite artisanal bag. 


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