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How To Create Your Own Travel Budget

Do you know there are people in the world who don't own a passport? Knowing this fills me with sadness and anxiety because I can't imagine what life would be like if I never travelled. That being said, I know the reason many people don't travel is due to the cost. But creating a pre-travel budget can help anyone who wants to make travel part of their life. Travel expenses do add up and can vary dramatically depending on your intended destination but there are ways to bring the costs down to meet your own budget.

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Make it Last: 4 Budgeting Hacks For Expats and Travelers

You’ve moved abroad, you’ve gone through the stressful visa process, and now you’re getting settled into your new international life. Naturally, you want it all: to eat well, travel well, and enjoy any and every thing available to you. While this year may be the year of the “Yes!” sometimes it may seem like the monthly stipend is saying “yeah right”. Perhaps these tried and true tips will help you as you embark on your new journey in your new state or country! 

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10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Renting a Flat in Spain

For all the new teachers and adventurers coming over this fall, I wanted to share a few questions that I wish I'd asked myself in retrospect. Not only will you face cultural differences outside the home, but in your new flat as well! Here I touch on subjects such as roommates, utilities and furnished versus in-furnished apartments. Do yourself a favor, and start early so that you don't have to rush such a big and important decision.

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