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Keep it Warm + Trendy: Outfit Ideas for Winter in Spain

Coming from Minnesota, USA, I know cold. Not just your average it’s snowing cold, I’m talking your below 20 have to warm up your car for 10 minutes before you drive cold. So when locals here told me that northern Spain is the coldest place they’ve ever been I just laughed. The coldest it gets here is maybe 15 degrees. They don’t know my struggles. I love autumn and winter fashion so I’m always excited when this time of year rolls around. 

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LMDES just got a Liebster Award!

Well, it actually happened a little over a month ago but we're so excited to share the news! We were nominated for a Liebster Award by the lovely couple over at Hey Dip Your Toes In and it was a total surprise! We love being able find out about new blogs and to see who our supporters are. Basically how the award works is that bloggers nominated other bloggers who they love and it's a great way to connect those of us in the community. We had fun answering these questions so read on to get to know our team a bit better! 

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