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10 Must-Read Books Written by Black Women

Did you know March is National Women’s History Month? A month to commemorate and celebrate how women have incessantly contributed to society through their philanthropic efforts, discoveries made, and unsurmountable achievements. In short, it’s basically a month to remind everyone just how bad ass we really are! I’m especially excited about celebrating this month’s declaration. How will I get started? By reading the following of course! You’ll definitely enjoy these good reads by the most melanated authors out there!

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5 Books to Reignite Your Wanderlust

Taking the leap to travel can be hard; there’s always something that’s holding us back. It could be a variety of reasons: not enough money, not knowing another language, fear of missing out (FOMO) on the lives of your friends and family, or the fear of the unknown. Sometimes, we need an extra touch of inspiration to get us up and seeing the world as we imagine it and more. Here are 5 books that will reignite your wanderlust!

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