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LMDES Event Recap: BCN Brunch

For the first time ever, LMDES ventured out to Barcelona to host a memorable brunch. On Saturday morning, women from all over the world came together to make new connections, share a meal and indulge in the beauty of this Catalonian city. Ladies with a variety of backgrounds, interesting stories, hopes, and dreams came together and found connection in beautiful ways. Find out what happened at the LMDES brunch! 

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Traveling With Chronic Illness: Face Your Fears and See the World

We aspire to travel because travel is alluring, it’s undefined and can foster new opportunities and life changing experiences.  The reasons we travel can differ for every traveler but whether the goal is to sightsee, work, volunteer, or visit family and friends travel can be a beautiful thing.  People who suffer from chronic illness unfortunately may not view travel as a possibility or have legitimate fears based on the complexities of managing a confirmed diagnosis. Learn about your options. 

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