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Where does LMDES Find Inspiration? Our Faves In Travel, Photography, Hair and Art!

Not really sure if you've noticed, but Las Morenas de España posts 3 to 4 fresh and new publications per week, without fail. Our goal is to inspire, encourage, and assist in the slayage that is your life! That said, it's no easy feat! So, where do we go when we're in need of inspo? Here are a few of our favorite bloggers, writers, and internet bffs!

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How To Deal When You Head Back Home: 6 Stages of Adjusting After Living Abroad

Coming home after a period of time living abroad isn’t always easy. Things aren’t the same as you remember. You aren’t even the same. Finding your place again when everyone and everything has moved on can make readjusting to your new old life seem a little bit like learning to walk again. Plus there’s the emotional toll of leaving behind new friends and abandoning what had become your new normal. Here's how to deal with repatriation and all that it comes with. 

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Wanderlust Wednesday: Nadeen of The Sophisticated Life

The Sophisticated Life is a beautiful look at what life could be if you choose to go after what you truly want and create a living around it. Nadeen shares useful resources for travelers as well as an inside look of how to live a sophisticated travel lifestyle without necessarily breaking the bank. We got to speak to Nadeen on everything from why everyone can be a jetsetter, how travel has transformed her life to advice on traveling with loved ones. 

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