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Black in Brazil: Why Bahia is a Must for Every Modern Black Traveler

Traveling while black. We’ve all been there, and many of you reading this are living it right now. And if you happen to have grown up in a place that isn’t inherently black, like say the United States of Amerikkka or the United Kingdom (of colonialism), then you may be intimately familiar with the zero sum burden that accompanies your skin tone in places rooted in white supremacy. I say that you “may” be aware of this particular bonus, because it differs from the obvious burden of blackness of which we are all acutely aware.

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6 Reasons Why Millennials Are The Best Travelers Ever

They say Millennials are irresponsible and impulsive. We’re constantly being told not to disrupt the status quo and to fall in line. But this is our time, and we’ve decided to live life on our own terms. We don’t want to be the mirror image of the ones that came before us. We’re carving out our own path and uniting the world.

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Meet La Morena: Be Inspired with Nikki Ndukwe

Nikki has been a part of the LMDES movement long before her move to Galicia, Spain last fall. As an inspiring creative, we love keeping up with her everyday adventures and travels via social media. We got to sit down to hear more about her love affair with Spain, how she's been received by locals and why she recommends reaching out to others before taking the leap abroad! 

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