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Meet La Morena: Anita A

Anita is a soul singer and fashionista from Dublin, Ireland. Although she currently resides in Madrid, Spain she is the defnition of an international woman! She's so talented and multi-faceted, and she's one morena making big moves on the scene in Spain that you should have on your radar! Get to know more about Anita with this exclusive interview!

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Exclusive Interview with Singer & Song-Writer: Deqn Sue

Deqn Sue is an amazing, budding talent from California who is making waves across the States (and overseas too!)! She's witty, wise beyond her years and her lyrics are organic and creative. Listening to her music reminds us of chatting with a long-time friend over a drink: fun, honest and familiar. Check out our interview with her here! 

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Meet La Morena: Ferima Faye

Ferima Faye is a talented young woman from Harlem, New York who's made the leap to living in Europe. She's a singer, photographer and visual artist who has a laundry list of goals that she will, without a doubt, accomplish.  She's someone you should know because Ferima breaks the mold and re-defines the traditional concept of creativity because she chooses not to limit herself to simply one means of artistic expression. Keep your eye on her! 

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