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Wearing a Suit While Black: Is Respectability Politics a Thing?

Aaron Barnes, founder of Dapper Black Box, talks about respectability politics. Since we live in a world where respect (or the lack thereof) is the root of severe racial injustices, we are forced to take a closer look at the type of respectability politics we adopt. 

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Dapper Black Box: A Perfect Gift for the Fellas & Fans Of Conscious Fashion

The mainstream media doesn’t always portray the Black man in all his glory. Dapper Black Box not only takes on addresses the more fashionable side, but also goes a bit deeper by investing in Black-owned businesses. They hand select 3-4 item each month including a piece of artwork to send to their subscribers. Aaron Barnes, founder of DBB, tells us more about the brand, how it works, and why it is in fact so necessary.

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