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Black in Spain: "But, Where Are You Really From?" and the Questioning of Black Americans

Often, when I introduce myself to other people here, the question is asked, “De donde eres?” (Where are you from?)  With my typical response being, “Soy Americana.” (I’m American.)

On more occasions than I can count, my answer has been received with a mixture of surprise and slight disbelief. The person I’m speaking to either repeats the word, as if to confirm that they’ve heard me correctly,

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That Blue Gold: Reflections on American Privilege

We, those of us who are POC and decided to travel outside our homeland, have and are etching our own American story, elsewhere. Thing is, we can always come back to the states if we so choose too. I think ‘choose’ is the operative word here. After having many conversations here in Spain with immigrants from Africa or elsewhere, even American’s who have immigrant roots: these people didn’t have the privilege to choose to leave, many had to. Let's talk about American privilege... 

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Understanding Blackness Abroad — How To Shift From Struggle to Joy

Before moving to Spain, blackness wasn't something that was internalized in the same way as it might be abroad. We all yearn to leave the US for a number of reasons but some weigh heavy more than others. This long-term expat in Spain shares her story, inspiration and meaningful tips on how to understand your blackness abroad and learn to thrive. 

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Why Politics Still Matter to Expats

Brothers and Sisters in disaffection, I’ve gathered you here today to discuss a matter of great contention… U.S. Politics. The phrase alone is enough to wrench the heart, send shivers down the spine and fatigue the spirit. U.S. Politics, not unlike my love life, are fraught, inconsistent and, at the present moment, bare a striking resemblance to a vaudevillian farce, which is why I more than empathize with the inclination so many of us have to opt out of political engagement altogether; especially those of us living abroad.

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