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10 Essential Travel Accessories Under $50

Have a trip coming up? On a tight budget? Don’t worry, we got you! Here are some great  travel accessories will help you for your next trip without putting a huge hurting on your pockets. We dare you to get through this post without whipping out your wallet at least once! 

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Why Shoes Are the Most Important Travel Accessory

Can you recall when you were having a great night out or exploring incredible sights and scenery and all of a sudden your feet start screaming bloody murder? Soon after, you realize that you’re in pain for the long haul and your thoughts race back to why in the fresh hell did you decide to wear those particular shoes? And why didn’t you wear the less fashionable, more practical shoes that are now hours away in a closet somewhere?

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The Ultimate Travel Accessory for the Digital Nomad

Quite often people associate travel with vacation, but, we have to remember that there are many people out there whose lifestyles entail seeing different parts of the world as their job. We call them, the digital nomads; those of our generation who don’t let location affect productivity, whose work desks can be found on a beach, in a café or whichever AirBnb they happen to be staying at for the week. When you’re always on the move, organization is key and when it comes to travel essentials, This is Ground is on the top of our list.

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