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Wanderlust Wednesday: Tiffany of Tiffany Eat World

Tiffany is one of those ladies who you need to keep an eye out for. Only a few months into the blogging community and she's already made an impressionable impact. From her diverse travels to her helpful tips for working full-time and still being able to follow your  dreams, she is full of inspiration. We got to chat with Tiffany about what life looks like when you live on your own terms, where she's headed to next and what you can learn through travel.  

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A Photographer's Paradise: Must See Cities in Morocco

Morocco had never been at the top of my list of places I wanted to see in the world, but last year I came upon an opportunity that I couldn't pass up. A month later, I was in the country and falling in love. From it's vibrant culture to the breathtaking architecture, I had come to find a place that I appreciated. Being a photographer, I long to see new sights and capture inescapable moments and people along the way... but for me, this trip was different.

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