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Black Entreprenuers You Need To Know: Kimo Bentley

Kimo Bentley has worked in the fashion industry with Ralph Lauren & Polo Sport, in accounting, and as a hair technician and transplant expert at Bosley Medical Center. Now, she's the owner and CEO of her own natural beauty brand. Each of those past endeavors work together towards the success of Kimo Bentley as it’s known today. She took some time out of her busy schedule for an exclusive interview with LMDES. 

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Flawless Fall Beauty Favorites

As many of you may know: I, Danni, am a complete and total product junkie. It’s true, but it may also help to know that I hoard other things such as black skinny jeans and buy all of my spices in pairs or triplets, you know, just in case the world runs out of dill. I’ve been experimenting with new beauty products this Fall, and I’d love to share the ones that worked best for me!

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