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What Living Abroad Taught Me About My Blackness

Despite what we often hear, our pigment is not a crime and this melanin of ours does not warrant suspicion. Black people are loved and adored around the world. To some we’re the curious unknown, the first person of color that they’ve ever seen in person, so, yeah, we get stares or picture requests or the occasional head rub. Dear Black men, here's why you should travel. 

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Can I Legally Work in Spain?

This, friends, is the million dollar question! LMDES hears this question often, and many times it's proceeded by: I can't move abroad, if I can't legally work. We understand the need for income stability, and personal growth so we'd like to breakdown the question with more detail. Below, you'll find a few questions and statements, read them closely, and you'll be on your way to the answer!

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