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What Living Abroad Taught Me About My Blackness

Despite what we often hear, our pigment is not a crime and this melanin of ours does not warrant suspicion. Black people are loved and adored around the world. To some we’re the curious unknown, the first person of color that they’ve ever seen in person, so, yeah, we get stares or picture requests or the occasional head rub. Dear Black men, here's why you should travel. 

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Black in Spain: "But, Where Are You Really From?" and the Questioning of Black Americans

Often, when I introduce myself to other people here, the question is asked, “De donde eres?” (Where are you from?)  With my typical response being, “Soy Americana.” (I’m American.)

On more occasions than I can count, my answer has been received with a mixture of surprise and slight disbelief. The person I’m speaking to either repeats the word, as if to confirm that they’ve heard me correctly,

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