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3 Ways Traveling the World Will Help You Find Your Tribe

When one chooses to travel they make a statement. They proclaim proudly that they’re hungry for life experiences, interested in expanding their horizons, and crave adventure. Traveling says more about a person than whichever sports jersey they rock, zip code they reside in, or even language that they speak! Here's how to find your tribe while traveling!

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3 Reasons You Should Book an Airbnb on Your Next Adventure

By now you've probably heard about Airbnb (short for air bed and breakfast) and the way it connects travelers to unique accommodations around the world. Imagine booking that beach bungalow you've always dreamed of, a studio right in the middle of all the action in your favorite city, or even an igloo in the Arctic. While this sounds a little farfetched with traditional lodging, it's completely possible thanks to Airbnb where you can rent an entire home, private home, or a shared room from local hosts in over 190 countries. It has made its mark on the world, forever changing the way we travel. 

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