End of Summer Playlists: Choose a Destination and We'll Choose the Music

The end of summer means getting outside and catching some sun rays before fall comes around, it means traveling to new countries and cities and exploring. It also means endless road trips and escaping to new places you’ve never been. At LMDES, we want you to focus on making your last days of summer amazing, so, we’ll handle your playlists for you!



Destination: London


London has a cool factor to it, the accents are so posh, the fashion is so on-trend, and the music is no different. Whether you’re chilling at home or travelling to the UK, listen to this playlist featuring some of the UK’s coolest artists. From Stormzy to Sam Gellaitry---we’ve got you covered!



Destination: Spain/Portugal


There’s no doubt that we love Spain, but we also love its next door neighbor — Portugal. Listening to this playlist, it will be hard for you not to catch a vibe. The beats are infectious and you’ll be singing along by the third song!


Destination: Road Trip to Anywhere!


This is a playlist for the adventurous ones who love a great road trip! Music is one of the most important parts to a successful road trip and this list will be sure to keep you energized and entertained... in fact, you’ll probably recreate your own “Carpool Karaoke” with your friends!

Music can either make or break a trip because it's so closely tied with memories. Think about your Prom, wedding song or the obnoxious, yet glorious "Graduation" by the lovely Vitamin-C! See what we mean? Music is everything. This Summer, whether you're packing your bags in the literal sense, or looking to fly away in the figurative sense these playlists are just what you need!

End of Summer Playlists - Choose Your Destination.png

Dani Washington is a 20-something expat from DC. Aside from finding the coolest new music, she loves great food, and getting lost in new cities. Connect with Dani and learn about her various adventures on Instagram and her blog .