Night Time Skincare Routine For The Woman On The Go

I work almost 12 hours a day in a city known for all its pollution, so by the time I arrive at home, my face is begging for a good, deep clean. Although it takes a bit more research, I make every attempt to use only all natural products on my face. I have extremely sensitive skin and I see it as an investment. I recently came across a brand owned by a talented (and stunning) WOC called Kimo Bentley. This brand specializes in all natural soaps, lotions and skin care. The reason her brand stood out, above all, is that she's had first-hand experience in the treatment of eczema and sensitive skin. When her daughter was born and was diagnosed with eczema, Bentley knew that there had to be more healthy, and sustainable options to the steroid creams doctors were prescribing for her daughter. She was right: the answers were found in nature.

By the time I get home, I’m exhausted, so I’ve learned to simplify my routine as much as possible. So far, it’s worked for me and I’m very happy with the overall health of my skin.



Step 1

I use a warm, 100% cotton wash cloth to wipe off my make-up from the day.


Step 2

I exfoliate my skin by using an all-natural, non-abrasive soap from the Kimo Bentley line. It’s the oatmeal that really helps to gently remove all the yucky dead skin, and grime from the day. It doesn’t irritate my face, and the scent is mild which is great because I’m usually on my way to bed.


Step 3

I borrowed this next step from my grandma: a splash of cold water on my face. Legend has it that it helps to close your pores after that deep clean they just received. Since at the age of 75 my grandmother looked 50, I’ll follow any advice she has to offer.


Step 4

I moisturize with a light, shea-butter because that is what my skin responds most to. Again, I use Kimo Bentley, but this time, I prefer the peppermint infused shea butter. I’m big on scents, and since all of these products use natural essential oils, the scent is strong, and powerful, but not chemical or overpowering. The combination of oatmeal and peppermint has me ready to fall asleep right on the bathroom floor.


Step 5

Last but not least, another old family trick: olive oil. Ever since I realized that I prefer a strong brow and long, natural lashes (read: I’m too clumsy and lazy to apply false lashes) , I’ve been searching for ways to grow them! I should’ve just asked my family from the beginning.  I take my finger with a tiny, tiny dash of extra virgin olive oil, and rub it over my brows and my lash line. I’ve seen amazing results. It only takes a tiny bit and I saw positive changes within a week.


There you have it! My simplified night-time skincare routine. I’d like to thank evolution for forcing me to adapt to 12 hour workdays, and my grandma for holding it down with the classic beauty remedies.

Featured Photo via Sakara Life


What is your night-time skincare routine? How do you pamper your skin and face after a long day at the office?


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