Mola Mucho: Afri's Cookies

If you’ve been on the hunt for cookies in Madrid that remind you of the ones Grandma used to make, we may have solved your problem. Although the physical location closed its doors in July, the loyal fans of Afri’s Cookies have managed to keep the business booming through online support and tons of social media love. If you’re looking for a new way to be modern and hip: buy your cookies online—all the cool kids are doing it (read: I’m a cookie monster and I’d love some company).

My family used to call me “Cookie Monster” and my aunt is a professional baker. That’s all. End of article.

Photo via  Afri's Cookies

Photo via Afri's Cookies

Photo via  Afri's Cookies

Photo via Afri's Cookies

Okay, not quite, but the cookie for me is an art form. Spansh menú del día is wonderful and most often comes with “dessert” that may or may not include a cup of icy ice cream (aka not creamy), flan and their attempt at cheesecake (which always leads me to shed at least two thug tears). To have a three-course meal for less than 15 euros is a bargain, especially when it’s tasty and awesome, right? Believe me, I’m not complaining; however, I do play my tiny, first-world violin when I arrive to the section titled “postre” and realize that my childhood (and adulthood) favorite dessert is absent. Cookies! There are so many types of cookies, and they’re easy to make and most of all, can be prepared in huge batches. Cookies, cookies, where for art thou, cookies!? Show yourselves! Please?


Photo via  Afri's Cookies

Photo via Afri's Cookies

Needless to say, I’m a skeptic. It’s as if I’m living on the other side of the mirror in a crazy, upside down world where cheesecake doesn’t have a thick graham cracker crust (or cream cheese), cupcakes are actually muffins and a pie is baked fruit on phyllo dough. Lord, help me. When my friends and all of Madrid started raving about this cookie shop in Malasaña I thought two things: 1. It’s probably some hip place with ginger root, dill-rosemary-goat cheese cookies, 2. Expensive. As the hopeless optimist, I decided to try it out.

Okay, Afri’s Cookies, checkmate. You win. There was no rosemary. There was no dill. There was however, nutella stuffed cookies and white chocolate, and carrot cake flavored cookies and, consequently, a very happy Danni. They sell them both individually and in packs and one cookie will run you about 1,20 euros.


Good News and Bad News

I always like to end on a positive note, so here’s the bad news first: Afri’s Cookies is closed. Their physical location in Malasaña simply became an expense that they could no longer bear and in July 2015 the store closed its doors. The good news is that the cookie lives on! You can purchase online and have your order delivered. The main difference is that you must buy your cookies in packs, which, to be honest, you were looking for an excuse to do in the first place. Oh, wait, what, I have to buy and eat 8 cookies? You don’t say! Life is so unfair!


To the loyal fans and fellow cookie monsters: do not despair. Also, don’t let the idea of buying online intimidate you. They are still based in Madrid, they are still the same Afri’s from the block; however, they’ve just transcended space, so now, it’s a cookie-infused Madrid and we’re just living in it.


Not that I’m itching for a fix, or anything, but have you all got any cookie recipes to share? Leave them in the comment section below!


See more here on their website and how to order here. Check out their online store and happy snacking!

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