Meet The LMDES Team!

Here at LMDES we want to be as accessible as possible. Las Morenas is a community and we're happy to help in whichever ways we can. We all come from all different walks of life, yet share many things in common. The LMDES team answered some quick questions so that all of you can get to know the people behind the scenes a little bit better. 

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3 Words to Describe Your Spain 


Dreamy — In many different aspects, Spain is a dream that allows me to follow what I'm most passionate about while being surrounded by things that inspire me.

A breath of fresh air — Human touch, random conversations with strangers, openness… being here is a breath of fresh air when it comes to human connection. There’s something beautiful about passing time with others and being truly present.  

Liberating — Since I’ve been here, I’ve been growing in infinite ways that I don’t think would be possible if I was still living in New York.


Mysterious — Every time I think I know all there is to know, I'm always pleasantly surprised and mystified by all of Spain's many nuances. 

Alive — Spain for me is a living being, constantly changing and evolving. 

Challenging —  Spain makes me push myself to limits I never thought were possible. 



Stylish through the five senses — Tasteful — in all aspects; (In)sightful— historic architecture with modernism; Earful— whether at discotecas or bustling streets; Smell—delicious comida y clean streets; Feeling—alive

My first 

3 Words that describe your lifestyle 


Organized — Not a day goes by without a to-do list.

Inspired — I’m always searching for inspiration, whether through discovering something I didn’t know before, meeting a new person, seeing a new town or trying something for the first time.

Passionate — Hands down, I’m a very passionate person, I think and feel very deeply.  Whatever (or whoever) I dedicate my time to it’s because I truly care.


Dynamic — I love my quiet time, but I greatly enjoy having a full and rich life. 

People-oriented — I try my best to surround myself with, amazing, grounded people and without my family, friends and partner, life wouldn't be the same at all. 

Organized — In my mind I´m spontaneous and care-free, but the reality is that I´m so organized it´s frightening! To counter that, I´m also extremely impulsive, but my being organized helps to balance it out. 



Organized yet unintentional hot-mess


3 Things You Can't Live Without 


My family — My family is my safe haven. We’re all very close and everyone is really supportive, I couldn’t imagine being where I am now without them.

Sunlight  — I’m a better person when I’m in the sun. It’s when I feel most peace.

Dancing — It’s therapeutic. 


God & Prayer

My family (my aunt is my best friend) and my life partner (in crime)

Music — gotta have my jams



Curiosity/Exploration — Through music, food, education/hobbies, traveling, international relations, individuals…I’m in love with the process of discovery.

The timeless souls who’ve dealt with me for years and the ability to meet fresh interesting individuals daily.