Exlcusive Interview: Lo Miller of Can't Stay Put

Lo Miller has been on our radar from a while, traveling the world not just for her own gain, but to inspire others to take the leap as well. She embodies what it means to take life into your own hands as she has made sacrifices to see the world and share many stories along the way. We were able to sit down with Lo to chat about her brand Can't Stay Put, what's coming up next and why we should all be a bit more intentional about traveling. 

For those who don't know tell us a little bit about Lo and the mission of Can’t Stay Put?

I’m an Inspirational Explorer. I made up the title lol. It's a mix of a motivational speaker, adventurer, and entrepreneur. I travel the world inspiring people to Go. Do. Be.  Not necessarily just to travel but to live a Can’t Stay Put lifestyle; making moves to create the life you want, because you can live a life of your hearts desire if you’re willing to make the sacrifices and do the work. I’m living proof. 

lo in chile

lo in chile

I use my travel experiences as my vessel to spread this gospel. Three years ago, I made the decision to jump in the direction of my dreams and though it’s been a whirlwind of hard work, sacrifice and perseverance... I wouldn’t trade it for the world.   Though I identify as an Inspirational Explorer, I DO so much. I created the Can’t Stay Put platform for myself to pursue various initiatives to make my impact on the world.

In a nutshell, Can’t Stay Put is a lifestyle brand and platform ignited by my experiences and adventures around the world. 


We create content aimed to educate, inspire and influence. With an emphasis on international experiences, we showcase the movement around the world within the people, the culture and the enterprise. 

You’re always on the move… where are you currently located?

Nowhere! LOL Lately, I’ve been posting up in Atlanta between trips because I help take care of my dad. Normally I’m between LA, The Bay, ATL, and NYC when I’m in the states. I’m from Atlanta but I believe California has captured my heart. It was the last place I lived prior to committing to this nomadic lifestyle. I honestly believe if I had not been living in California, I wouldn't have pursued my dreams. California Dreaming is REAL!


Travel is a huge part of your lifestyle. Has it always been that way or has wanderlust manifested itself in recent years?

It has literally been my life, my whole life. Not until I was an adult did it click that my purpose lied in the area of travel. When I was 5, my mom was granted an opportunity of a lifetime to work under the Bill Clinton Administration but it required her to move from Atlanta to DC for 8 years.

Lo in Atlanta

Lo in Atlanta

 My parents decided it was best for my dad to raise me in Atlanta and just have me fly to DC to visit my mom on a regular basis.

I took my first solo flight at 5 and continued to fly by myself for years to come. I accrued enough sky miles by 12 to buy a free ticket. It’s so funny looking back now because I use to complain about having to fly to see my mom all the time, because at the time, none of the kids I knew had to do it. My parents were both avid travelers growing up due to the work they did, so on occasions they let me tag along. My dad would write me a postcard from every trip he made, so the notion of travel was always around.

Unlike a lot of other people, I didn’t get bit by the travel bug. I am a travel bug. I don’t remember a time where I wasn’t traveling. When I had my aha moment 3 years ago as I realized the privilege I had as a kid. God blessed me with the opportunity to fly at such a young age and it was my job to figure out a way to use my experiences to help others 

What are the top 3 places on your bucket list at the moment?

The Andaman Islands, Antartica, Rwanda

How did the concept of Can't Stay Put come to life?  

It’s a bit of a story. Approaching my 25th birthday, I was in the midst of a quarter-life crisis, like most millennials at that point on their life. Months leading up to my birthday I made it known to people around me how frustrated I was about not living in my purpose. I just felt like I was suppose to be doing something more specific to who I was. My friend treated me to a trip to Maui for my birthday because I was liable to have a nervous breakdown if I was home. 

lo in bahia

lo in bahia

It was there that I prayed to God that if he revealed my purpose to me, I would run 100mph towards it did. When I returned back to the Bay, I put in my notice at work to show God how serious I was. I ended up quitting January 15, 2013. I  treated myself to a trip back to Maui to transition into this next chapter of my life. While I was there, on the Road to Hana, I had my aha moment. It was while walking in a babe forest that God said “you need to figure out how to do this” and I said “This?” He said “Yes.”

Then I thought about my life up until that point. It wasn’t a coincidence that I starting flying by myself at 5, averaging 9-12 solo flights a year or that I had been exposed to experiences abroad at such a young age.


I hadn’t known a life without travel. I recognized it was a privilege that most don’t get to experience, I mean there are still adults who’ve never flown. I knew then I had to figure out a way to use these experiences that I was blessed to have at such a young age to help others and make the world a better place. I was going to be an Inspirational Explorer. I was going to inspire and empower people to live a purposeful life by the way of travel. I went back to California, went to One Church LA to hear the pastor speak a message about “Sacrificing for Your Amazing.” I broke my lease and gave up my apartment, ended up meeting a life coach that helped bring my dreams out the clouds and gave me some action items to make my dreams a reality. I started Can’t Stay Put that night. Planned my official Can’t Stay Put, put together a proposal and pitched my idea to some of everyone, because I needed money to get my idea off the ground. I was met with tons of negativity but I thankfully got my first yes from someone who was sold on my passion more than anything because at the time I didn’t really know how I was going to figure it out but I knew I needed to start and I wasn’t going to quit. I ended up raising enough money for me and a friend from high school who minored in photography to travel to Southeast for a month and document. We thugged it out with limited resources and the rest is really history. 

lo in iceland

lo in iceland

lo in grenada

lo in grenada

Through your many different travel experiences, how have you grown? What are some things you’ve learned about yourself?

I’ve learned that I have a strong sense of compassion and generosity. Helping others is very important to me. I can’t travel to a place and not figure out a way to give back in some type of way. Whether if thats speaking to kids in a school or having a conversation with a local inspiring them to follow their dreams.


You’ve got a big initiative coming up for Can’t Stay Put. Can you tell us a little about it?

I am releasing the first Digital Interactive Book of the Can’t Stay Put experience. It will cover my experiences from the last 5 months, traveling to 8 countries; India, Bermuda, Jamaica, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Grenada.


What words of wisdom do you have for those who are looking to create their own brand?

Just do it. Don’t wait until you have all the answers because a part of starting is figuring out the answers along the journey. Also, be weary of the dream killers. They are disguised as your family, friends, spouses, bosses etc. Protect your mental space, after all you have to believe in yourself more than anybody your mental space CAN'T be clouded with negativity. 

lo in brazil

lo in brazil

Three of your favorite instagrammers at the moment?

@lozamaleombho , @linaviktor, @dahge

What is one of your favorite quotes?

Go. Do. Be.  

Where do you find inspiration?

Nature. My natural environment is directly linked to my emotions. I’m at my happiest when I’m in a beautiful place because it fosters creativity and good energy. 


For the people who think that you need to have a huge savings account to travel… what would you say to them?

Be intentional about traveling. There is a difference between traveling and vacationing. When you travel you’re opening up your self to step out your comfort to experience something different and authentic. When you open yourself to this experience, rarely do you need a lot of money. No resort, no 5-star meals, but local eats, hostels and airbnb. Traveling is intended to teach you and for you to immerse yourself into a culture, however since travel is seen as a vacation people often opt out of it because if travel is seen as a vacation and vacation is seen as a luxury then its seen as something that’t not really needed.

lo in iceland

lo in iceland

What has been one of your most memorable trips so far?

My trip to India and Iceland. I realized more of my purpose in India. Iceland was a divine experience that signified progression in my journey building Can’t Stay Put. 

What can we be expecting from Can't Stay Put in the future? 

More projects aimed to educate, inspire and influence. I’m here to change the world but do it in a creative way.


Be sure to keep up with Lo's travels and Can't Stay Put on Instagram and her website

Interview and text by Sienna Brown. Sienna Brown is the founder of Las Morenas de España. From New York to Murcia, Spain, she is constantly on a journey to inspire and be inspired while engaging in different methods of creation.  Her passion for learning about others leads her towards constant exploration and practicing the art of listening as much as she can. See more of her work here and follow her adventures on instagram.