LMDES Getaways Granada- A Retreat for Black Women, By Black Women

The title says it all. LMDES Getaways are meticulously curated, unique and enriching experiences designed for Black women by Black women. Sienna and Danni oversee every aspect of the retreat from start to finish to ensure that not only are the logistics under control— like organizing a private bus for 19 women for a wine tasting in the Spanish countryside— to pouring over the 70+ applications submitted to ensure variety, diversity, and of course, good vibes. In fact, there are women still applying for the LMDES Getaways. Get on the waitlist if you’re interested. And honestly, how could you not be? I mean…

Now, we’re not new to this, we’re true to this! We’ve hosted 3 successfully sold-out retreats in Javea, Spain. They’ve all been intimate, introspective and tight-knit retreats with a focus on self-improvement, reflection and fellowship. With the LMDES Getaway in Granada, the team decided to pivot.

How did the LMDES Getaway in Granada differ from previous retreats?

It was Black, Black, Blackity Black

This retreat had a constant theme of being a POC in Spain, taking up space with our physical selves, our laughter, our voices and our stories. Granada was very heavily influenced by North African and Moorish culture and it’s apparent from the monuments to the architecture, to, let’s be frank here, the sizes at H&M! Public service announcement: Black women, you too can find jeans in Granada, Spain! Seen. That’s how we feel.

Sustainable, local and educational tourism

In Javea, the private villa is the heart of the retreat, whereas in Granada, we collaborated with several local businesses for walking tours, tapas tours, and workshops. While it was more jam-packed with activities, we made sure the women had down time as well to explore this stunning city.

The biggest one yet

This time around, the group consisted of 19 women ranging in age from 24 to 55 years old. We welcomed recent grads, retirees, educators, social workers, coders, remote workers, visual artists, advertising specialists, and even a rocket scientist! There were mothers, wives, sisters, cousins and everything in between.

What were the highlights of the LMDES Getaway in Granada?

The tapas food tour
The Black in Spain tour
The wine tasting & day trip to Guadix
The flamenco class + show

What do the women who participated have to say about their experience?

With each of these retreats, not only do we get to share our Spain with women from all over the world, we also learn and grow as women, as entrepreneurs, and as individuals. There’s no blueprint for what we do, and each time we finish a retreat, both Sienna and I go into deep reflection and put our noses to the ground to make sure the next one is even better!

“If you fancy a trip of a lifetime, visit the beautiful city of Granada with LMDES - you won’t regret it one bit!”

“The LMDES getaway experience was nothing short of amazing, eye-opening, beautiful, decadent, and POSITIVE. I left feeling refreshed and ready to pursue my goals and future aspirations for living abroad. The events, tours, food, and bonding activities were all enjoyable and it was a surreal experience to be in the presence of such interesting and talented BLACK WOMEN!! Thank you LMDES!!”

“Everything sounded amazing on paper, but the experience was so much more. This trip was everything I didn't know that I needed.“

“With LMDES I learned, discover and had fun and left feeling empowered and most importantly with new friendships.”

“I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed experiencing new activities, food, and friends. I would highly recommend and would definitely come back.’

Want to get on the list for the next LMDES Getaway? Don’t sleep, or you’ll get left!

Special thanks to:

Tanya Weekes

Tanya Weekes

Tanya Weekes, our brilliant and talented photographer who made the trip from China to Granada to capture this special occaision. She’s so special, and you can tell just by looking at her work that she pours her heart and soul into every image!

Zach, also known as, Hello Granada, our on-site videographer and IG story extraordinaire! Follow his work, he’s got some amazing initiatives in the works.

Hotel Vincci Albayzín for the amazing 7-course welcome dinner, and also for playing non-stop jams in the lobby. The last thanks is more of a personal one, however.

Restaurante El Trillo for amazing food, a welcoming team and for making our group feel like home in the heart of the Albayzin.

Bodegas Muñana for a breathtaking getaway outside of Granada where we were able to learn about wine, enjoy an amazing meal and step back to soak up nature.

Hadrien for the Black in Spain tour.

Food Lover Tour Granada; Hadrien and Belén — You two are charismatic and knowledgable… an outstanding combination during the tapas tour throughout Granada!

Venta El Gallo for an amazing flamenco class teacher, dinner and show.

Let’s just go ahead and also mention our favorite restaurant in Granada Wild Food because we eat there at least fifty-leven times on any given trip.