LMDES Event Recap: BCN Brunch

For the first time ever, LMDES ventured out to Barcelona to host a memorable brunch. The event was special for so many reasons, but most of all because it solidified what we already know.  LMDES is growing.  On Saturday morning, women from all over the world came together to make new connections, share a meal and indulge in the beauty of this Catalonian city. As a result, everyone who was around the table went from strangers to friends. Women of color with a variety of backgrounds, interesting stories, hopes, and dreams came together and found connection in beautiful ways.


As laughs were shared under the sun, we indulged in an unforgettable meal at Picnic restaurant. From fried green tomatoes to eggs benedict, salmon gravlax, mimosas and much more, the food was the perfect touch to make our time together that much better. The diversity around the table was awe-inspiring as we had world travelers, entrepreneurs, students, fashionistas, long-term expats and some ladies who were in town, only for the brunch.



Of course, well thought-out giveaways were given to some of the ladies that came out as a token of our appreciation. Christine won an intoxicating lavender candle, encouraging relaxation and self-care. Robin won travel notebooks, which was a fitting gift as Barcelona was just one stop on her European journey. Olive won an adult coloring book, to disconnect and appreciate the intricacy of Spanish tiles. Courtney won yoga tea and a personalized mug from Vasito de Leche, an artisanal Madrid-based brand, which can help her get through her final stretch of college with the reminder to “Work. Slay. Sleep. Repeat.” Finally, Havyn won a one-on-one session with life coach Erin Elise, who specializes in helping women of color live life to their fullest potential.



As the community continues to grow, you’ll find that relationships are being fostered, not just with women residing in Spain but also those who are traveling, interested in having an immersive experience and living like a local while doing so.



Community is for everyone. Camaraderie doesn’t care about borders or zip codes. Friendship can blossom in the most random circumstances and that is the beauty of life.


We’re not meant to walk on this path alone, so when you meet someone from across the globe and can say “Wait, you too?!” a bond is created. This is how a community is strengthened and the representation is why it’s so necessary.



A huge thank you to everyone that came out in Barcelona; for trusting us and themselves, for opening up, sharing their stories and continuing on the path to make a meaningful mark in the world.

Another special thanks to our collaborators at Picnic Restaurant and Vasito de Leche Studio

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