Like A Local: Where To Go Out In Murcia

To be quite honest, the nightlife in Murcia is one of the highlights of the town. The combination of great weather all year long and endless outdoor vibes, leads to almost always having a great time. Although it’s easy to get caught up going to all of the same places, we encourage you to try somewhere new every once in a while. Whether you’re new in town or consider yourself a local, we’re going to share some obvious favorites and a few other spots you might not be hip to yet. Thank us later! 

International Lovin’ — Badulake


Badulake is Infamous in the city for being the place to go, let loose and meet people from all over the world. Many university students frequent this spot and people hail in to have a good time and take advantage of the great prices and music that the spot has to offer. You’ll also quickly fall in love with how fun and charismatic all of the bartenders are there! PS. They have deals almost everyday of the week. Tuesdays, beer pong + 50 cent shots, Wednesday, free beer and sangria, Friday, 1 euro cocktails until 1am. 


Chill Vibes and Cheap Beer - Maraña and El Kiosko

Maraña + Kiosko.jpg

Both located in Plaza de la Merced, they are great locations to sit outside, chum it up and drink good beer at a cheap price. Maraña has pintas for 1,50 as well as good tapas as well. If needed, there is also inside seating in case you can snag a table outside. At the Kiosko, you can share a few liters with a group of buddies and sit outside while possibly making friends with those at the table next to you. The perfect way to begin a night on the town. 


Dangerous and Delicious Cocktails — Pura Vida 


Pegadito to the cathedral is this gem of a bar. Full of local young professional, this place plays the most current music and give off happy vibes. With a large cocktail menu, there are endless options. Our favorite is the Tokyo Iced Tea - think giant melon jolly rancher. Be careful though, they can be strong! Drink more than two and you might end up on the floor. 


Looking for a mixed crowd? — Bizzart or La Posada 


BizzArt is a great bar, a bit more low key but with amazing interior design and fun music with indie vibes. Here, copas come out to around 6 euros but you’ll have a great time there, vibing out. La Posada is a bit on the fancier side but they have fantastic djs, beautiful staff and delicious mojitos. For the ladies, you can often snag drink cards and get a free drink before 1am. 

Insiders Tip: If you play your cards right, you can get free entry to Sala REM from the bartenders at Bizzart. 


Party With The Locals — El Taller 

El Taller.jpg

While Murcia has a large international student crowd, you’ll have no problem partying with the locals. And this is where you’ll find them! El Taller has a fun atmosphere for dancing and drinking with friends. Playing the most current music, you’ll find yourself saying “just one more song” like a broken record. 


After The Party is The After-Party — REM and Iluminata 


In Murcia, many of the smaller locales close at 4am which sometimes leave for party-goers wanting a little more after. Well, that’s what Sala REM and Iluminata is for. Both venues have large spaces, with two different sections where you can go dancing until the morning hours.... 


Up Until The Sun Comes Up — Sala Musik

Sala Musik.jpg

Once all the bars close, Sala Musik opens. If you’re looking to stay out late, around 4am many people head to the bullring, which has been converted into a three room bar playing three different types of music. Rock and roll is their staple but you will occasionally hear bachata, salsa and even classic pop. 


With these suggestions, you’ll be sure to find your new favorite spot to go out and get down while in Murcia!

Any other places you love? Let us know below!

With this city being one of our personal favorites, we put together everything you need to know so that you can make the most of your time there without feeling lost or like you’re hitting up the same spots 24/7. Our expats have over 5 communal years in the city and are sharing over 70 pages of everything you need to know, because you deserve it! 

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